Tourond Creek Pledges $20,000 Towards St. Adolphe Child Care Centre

The St. Adolphe Child Care Centre is one step closer to meeting their fundraising goal of $110,000 thanks to the generosity of the Tourond Creek, who have pledged to contribute $15,000 in support of the HUB space and $5,000 for a Climbing Wall.

The St. Adolphe Child Care Centre was given the green light for expansion into the space at 372 Main Street in late March. The expansion of the daycare will see 90 new spaces become available to the RM of Ritchot, a much-needed resource for this rapidly-growing community. With construction under way, the fundraising committee has shifted efforts into high gear and is reaching out to businesses and community members alike to support the project.

Chair of the fundraising committee, Joelle Sylvestre, shared “This funding from the Tourond Creek group will go a long way in helping us reach our fundraising goal of $110,000 to properly equip and furnish our expanded daycare. We will not stop at $110,000, but that is what is needed to open the doors once construction is complete. We are extremely grateful of the ongoing support of the Tourond Creek group, community members, volunteers and the RM of Ritchot.”

When asked about the generous contribution, Jon Powell, project manager for Tourond Creek responded by stating, “The developers of Tourond Creek are excited about the changes happening in St. Adolphe. The St. Adolphe Childcare Centre daycare project is a wonderful community initiative that aligns with our vision for St. Adolphe and contributes to St. Adolphe becoming a complete community, where people of all ages and stages of life can call St. Adolphe home. This daycare will provide childcare opportunities close to what matters to the residents of Tourond Creek and the community of St. Adolphe as a whole. We are happy to support this community driven initiative for the current and future residents of St. Adolphe.”

The St Adolphe Child Care Centre, currently located at St. Adolphe School, operates 23 licensed daycare spots. Their educational offering includes nursery school, preschool and school aged programs. The new daycare facility will be located at 372 Main Street and offer 113 new spaces. The daycare is responsible for generating $110,000 to fund the furnishings of the retrofitted space. With the generous contribution from the Tourond Creek group we are one step closer to achieving this goal.

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